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Peace be with you Benedict,

[quote:2oje3spj]You are assuming that the person is willfully dwelling on homosexual thoughts.[/quote:2oje3spj]

Like I said I’m not really versed in this subject so willfully dwelling makes it is more defined and I would have to still say yes.

[quote:2oje3spj]Jon is asking if the preference itself, which is typically automatic (unwilled), is sinful.[/quote:2oje3spj]

I’m not sure if this is possible. I have read a few things on both sides of this argument, genetic disposition, personal choice, phyc issues, such. I have no real firm opinion, because I am deficient in this kind of knowledge.

I find it hard that God would included this in a creation that is made in his image. Free will explains how one would become homosexual to me better, in that, an individual is not created in that manner and that threw certain environmental factors one would choose the lifestyle. Again this would be personal choice, and one that is avoidable if a life with Christ was had. (my opinion)

So I must say I really have no idea on a definitive answer as for moral sin. But in or Religious, an absolute no.

God Bless,