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Surprise, surprise…I don’t believe in purgatory. I don’t believe in a juridical understanding of salvation, which is the only framework in which I can make the concept of purgatory even make sense. Sorry.

The Orthodox doctrine of salvation is known as [i:1p17apod]theosis[/i:1p17apod], which is a process of becoming one with God – by grace, but not in essence, we can become what He is. This leads us to concepts of heaven and hell that are quite different to the traditional western ones and which leave no room for purgatory.

In my belief, God is loving and all-forgiving – He simply does not punish us for minor wrongdoings that we might have had no opportunity to repent of while alive. Our prayers for the dead are prayers that they might be one with God, not that their stay in purgatory might be shortened.

I’m happy to discuss this further if people want to.