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I believe that children should be spanked as well. In certain circumstance when it permits of course, but it is a renound way to diciplin a young one. I had the privilage of hunting with my father and we were observing some deer on the side of the road, i watched as a young fawn tried to cross the road.. the mother immediatly ran out and blocked the path smashing her head into the side of the deer. I got to thinking that even animals have a sense of diciplin. Back to humans, I think that if you spank your child you should afterwards show love and explain why you did, and always be sure to tell them that you love them. If they think they are merely being hit they begin to get a built up resentment for that parrent, which often leads to much worse parrent/child relationships causing more stress and perhaps harder spankings. It can be a brutal spiral once it gets out of controll.

In easyer terms, we need to be carefull that when we spank, it is under complete controll, that the punishment fits the crime. (As stated above, spanking should not be used to punish an act of violence) And to be sure that they know you love them.

Just my thoughts…