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[quote:1swyj37p]From the outside it’s easier to see it in such a manner. From the inside it’s obviously not seen that way once you ask the catholic “do you worship Mary?”. Most all catholics will say NO. Although there have been groups like the Collyridians that have indeed worshipped Mary. The Church put a stop to that non-sense, calling it idolatry.
Do we see a pattern now a days?
Catholic Answers puts it best:

Modern parallels

[i:1swyj37p]Collyridianism is seen today in various forms. Those “hyper-Marian” groups and writers who overly exalt Mary and focus on her to the exclusion (or near exclusion) of Christ are guilty of something approaching idolatry. Modern feminism is the source of a recycled Collyridianism that worships a “mother goddess” and seeks to “re-image” God in female terms.[/i:1swyj37p]


PS-Most importantly know with confidence that the Church does not teach such things. Rather catholics begin to deviate from the Church teachings.[/quote:1swyj37p]

Good stuff there. Gotta love Catholic Answers.