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[quote:2b2gkkwk]I thought it was remarkable when my minister stated that, in the personal study of scripture, if one came across an understanding or interpretation that had never, in 2000 years of church history, been written of or practiced before, then you should look out. That’s a pretty healthy attitude, I think.[/quote:2b2gkkwk]
Did you tell him that in 1450 years of church history predestination had never been practiced or that in fact many of the things that the Reformers taught were not practiced until that time?

[quote:2b2gkkwk]The presbyterian church can be an almost schizophrenic experience. Or at least it feels that way to me. Have you read Marcus Grodi’s story? He was a presbyterian minister, or so I gather, and he tells about finding out that, because majority rules, he was in the minority on a point of doctrine in the church he pastored. His side was voted down. [/quote:2b2gkkwk]
I think that’s the problem with those democratic churches. Who helps to preserve what it authentic and what isn’t? If it’s all voted upon by the people then who is really guiding them? How can one shepherd a flock that chooses its own way to go?