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tee, first I want you to know you are in my prayers. I know I amrepeating some of what has been said before…… pray alot. If and when you can pray for those priests who have hurt you. You may be susprised what it will do for you and even them. Turn all the pain over to Jesus, He always knows what to do( and has a long history of dealing with less than angelic religous leaders) Never give up that is Satan using the situation against you. Youi may well have gifts from God, use them wisely, but be on guard they may be from the Adversary or exploited by him. BTW where do you live? City and state, I mean, not directions to your front door :mrgreen: I may be able to help you find some resources. No promises, but I will do all I can. There are alot of wonderful Catholics out there and we have to be able to find you a few.