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    My mom was a Charismatic Catholic, and had many experiences that I would define as a “magical mystery tour”. For example, when I was a nursing student, I went with her to a prayer meeting. Someone down the aisle was “slain in the Spirit”. Mom was calm about it. I thought the poor woman was having a seizure!

    Now that I have started to pray and to actively seek God in my life again, I have had a few experiences I do not understand. :shock:

    Comments? Opinions?


    What kind of experiences have you had?


    Jon, you gotta promise you won’t think I’m nuts. :oops:

    Maybe I should be posting this privately? Lemme know. :rolleyes:


    Do whatever you feel comfortable with. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

    Some people experience God in different ways.



    Keep in mind that though I miss attending Mass, and miss the rituals, and find the lives of the saints very useful in my walk with God, that I’m not at all sure I’m going to ever set foot in a Catholic church again, unless I have to borrow the phone or something.


    …a friend of mine who’s a Hall of Famer Catholic told me to try “talking” with my mom. My new spiritual director (the coolest nun in the universe) told me to do the same thing. So I did.

    This wouldn’t be a big deal, except that my mom is snugly ensconced underground in a lovely casket in Peoria, Illinois, and has been since January of 1996. :shock:

    I actually [i:390ifcr7]can[/i:390ifcr7] “talk” with her, in my own mind, kind of like silent prayer. I ask her opinion (as a “Hall of Famer Catholic” in her own right) and she gives me guidance.

    But in admitting this, I feel like the men in the little white coats are going to come and get me. <img decoding=” title=”Confused” />

    I have also had foreshadowings of future events, like my son’s wedding (he isn’t even dating anyone seriously) and my husband’s death (a [i:390ifcr7]whole [/i:390ifcr7]lot sooner than I’d like it to be).

    I talked to some charismatic Catholics online, and they say that I may have a gift of prophecy (a charism, I think they called it).

    I just feel bewildered, though the “visions” don’t frighten me…they’re comforting, in fact. But I’m waaaay too logical for the “magical mystery tour” kind of stuff.

    Whaddya think? Wanna come feed me my meds in pureed applesauce? <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />


    what do you mean by Hall of Famer Catholic?



    My mom went to Mass every day, and truly, sometimes twice on Sundays. She was a Eucharistic Minister…one of the first women I knew of to serve in such a way. She was a secular member of the Third Order of St. Francis, which was as close as she could find to being a nun while still married to my dad. She sang in the church choir.

    We had a Marian Shrine visit our home, and for a week, when Mom wasn’t kneeling in front of it, there were people in our house in perpetual adoration…at all hours of the day and night. (My brother and I called it “The Traveling Mary Show”. Our dad, an agnostic, managed to be out of town for that entire week.)

    If there was a “Hall of Fame” for Catholics, she’d be there. I think the phrase was originally coined by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News fame.


    Ok, that’s what I thought you meant by “Hall of Famer Catholic.”

    Back to your other post – I do not think you are crazy. If you find some sort of comfort in “talking” with your mom that’s cool.

    As far as the foreshadowing of events, I can’t say I have experienced it the way you have. Of course, you don’t really even know if you are foreshadowing anything or daydreaming it until you actually see it happen. Time will tell for that one. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

    However, I am still not sure why would want to not attend Mass even after you admit that you will miss it. :what:


    Well, because I’m tired of knowing that the guy on the altar is a hypocrite. Let’s see…one priest locally told me he “doesn’t do Hispanics”, another will NOT return phone calls. And then there’s my friend, who regularly preaches about faith and love and trust and forgiveness, but tossed me out like a sack of trash.

    I wish I could get past the pain, but going anywhere near a priest right now gives me a rash. :rolleyes:


    You have to realize that priests are people too. Though they should be our leaders and examples, they sometimes fail too. You can’t let a few bad examples taint your whole perception of the Church. You need to pray for those individuals and show them the right example that God wants them and you to set.


    tee, first I want you to know you are in my prayers. I know I amrepeating some of what has been said before…… pray alot. If and when you can pray for those priests who have hurt you. You may be susprised what it will do for you and even them. Turn all the pain over to Jesus, He always knows what to do( and has a long history of dealing with less than angelic religous leaders) Never give up that is Satan using the situation against you. Youi may well have gifts from God, use them wisely, but be on guard they may be from the Adversary or exploited by him. BTW where do you live? City and state, I mean, not directions to your front door :mrgreen: I may be able to help you find some resources. No promises, but I will do all I can. There are alot of wonderful Catholics out there and we have to be able to find you a few.

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