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In the past 10 years the Republican controlled House and Senate has tried to push pro-life legislation through. Key “Catholic” Democrats have stood in the way. Even when Clinton vetoed three pro-life legislation bills in the 90’s, the House and Senate almost had the 2/3rds vote neccessary to override his veto. Those “Catholic” reps up there stood in the way as they always do.

Now we have another Dem. going for the White House who is pro-choice. Sure, he says he hates abortion but cannot enforce his will in legislation. He’s trying to hide under the cover of the law, but we should get real. The only party whose going to stop those 44 milliion butcher jobs (and counting) are the Republicans. Why do you think those Pro Choice rallies outside the Supreme Court building, White House, and Capitol building are so hateful and practially foaming at the mouth? Oh yeah,, the appointed of pro-life federal judges has been a major victory in the past years under the Bush administration.