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Jackie- thank you for posting your question. You are right, that is if I read you correctly, childbearing is a very emotional issue. It is an issue so personal that many people feel it is no one else’s business but one’s own.

In the 1970’s and 80’s I have personally known at least 3 people who had abortions. I wish again and again that I could have influenced their ‘choices’ to be different. In the cases where I spoke out, in love, that this was definitely not good with our God the persons thought that I was judging them and not compassionate with them. You are correct-only God can judge what is in a person’s heart. The point that most pro-life people try to make however is that God not only [i:1k2dt2ke]can [/i:1k2dt2ke]He [i:1k2dt2ke]will[/i:1k2dt2ke]judge. I saw a t-shirt this weekend, it said,”Friends don’t let friends go to hell’. As much as the slogan trys to be clever it does express why Christians don’t always ‘mind their own business’

Choosing to abort life is a very very personal choice. It is a personal choice that affects more that one person. As you can see by my talk above about the 70’s and 80’s persons who make a choice to kill affect more than one person (themselves) for a long long time to come.

It is very possible that our Creator has sent us someone to help us solve this reproductive dilemna, just as He may have sent us the persons to solve the AIDs epidemic, or the terrorist problem. What is frightening is the thought that God indeed does send help—-but in relying on our own intelligence we may have destroyed those who could save us while they were yet in their mother’s womb.