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You found one verse in the whole of the Bible that mentions tolerance in passing. Whichever Bible you quoted translates the Greek word “anechomai” as tolerance. The definition of “anechomai” is, according to Strong’s, to hold up, to sustain, to bear, to endure. The KJV translates it “forbearing” while the NAB translates it “bearing”. The verse in Greek speaks much closer to compassion than tolerance. It urges us to support our fellow Christians in our love by living in a manner worthy of our calling. An active homosexual lifestyle is not, to a Christian understanding, a manner worthy of our calling because it is sinful; similarly, standing by while another sins is contrary to a Christian manner of life.

Regarding baptism, you must realize that to a Catholic baptism is not just a symbol, nor can it be reduced to a ‘meaning’. We believe that baptism really and truly cleanses us from our sins and is necessary for salvation, that the Holy Spirit enters us and gives us grace through the washing of water. You must consider it as essential to life as eating and breathing when dealing with a Catholic. Regardless of whether the Catholic Church accepts/tolerates/understands you, baptism is utterly essential to that child’s eternal life so far as any faithful Catholic is concerned. It is not something that should be put off, especially for a third party’s personal disagreement.