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And now for what I having leading up to. This website seems a bit more sophisticated than the other one that i was ‘trolling’. They were too archaic in their responses. You guys are more like 1950’s… so I guess that is as much progress that I am going to find.

Suprising, I am not catholic. (hint: sarcasm) My girlfriend is. She has not gone in some time. She did go to catholic school and what not. However it seems that she does not know much about her own religion. I have taken several ‘world religions’ classes and seminars and so am pretty familiar with a number of belief systems.

Catholics are by far (please don’t be offended) the snottiest bunch. Very “uppity” and “vain” in their beliefs. Whereas I view tolerance as something to strive for… you guys see it as a defect. This type of “attitude” is one big reason why the Middle East has always been in conflict. They cannot tolerate different beliefs or points of view and try to eliminatet those that deviate from what they believe to be ‘right’.

I was raised Baptist. Very different from her. She hadn’t gone to church in years before we were together. I believe that spirituality and religion are very important in each individuals’ life and definitely a big factor in happy relationships. We looked around at various churches trying to find a church that we could both be comfortable in. We did find one a few years ago and are happy in it. They do many things that I think are very Catholic-ey and many things that I have seen growing up in Baptist Churches.

Understandingly she still sees herself as being Catholic. We are having our first child in September and she wants to have it baptized. I am sooo not for that. I believe that being baptized is a personal decision that should be made when you are fully capable of making the decision to take the Lord as your Savior. Also I know that Catholics are not the most accepting bunch of people, so why baptize my child in an institution that is outspoken in their bigotry? (sorry guys)

I have been to Catholic church before. When I was young my mom was in the hospital for six months and I stayed with a friend of hers. She was Catholic and I went every week for her. Whoa! I admit I was impressed. Not why I should be. I felt like I was part of a broadway play. It all seemed very ‘rehearsed’. The procession of the priests and his boys (pun intended) regally making their entrance. The booklet on what the priest said and what was to be said back (for those that didn’t have it memorized already). When to kneel. When to stand. I thought I had my own script. And the priest was the director. It was beautiful. And cold. Not to mention that the bleeding Jesus on the cross gave me nightmares. How morbid?! I always thought that church was to celebrate the life of Jesus. Yes the cross represents his death too, but LIFE! He came back to LIFE! That is what is to be rejoiced. He came back!

I am pretty sure you guys don’t get these types of advice questions every day. But I really would like to know if I should honor her family’s tradition and allow it.

By the way. We are both the mothers. Biologically and physically. Don’t ask.

Oh and if you post some hateful rhetoric… I can’t stop you. But I will pay you no mind, so don’t waste your breath (or the keysrokes).

Chloe Olivia