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"LARobert":1qcjv242 wrote:
Perhaps you are ready to illuminate us with the special knowlege you have to this point kept to yourself. Is Pope Benedict XVI the Pope, or an Anti-Pope. Must we heed what he teaches, or should we simply ignore him? If there are any clergy left that you can trust, who are they?

Since you seem to believe that there is a small remnant of Catholic left on earth, which of the various groups claiming that title are the real Catholics?

It would be uncharitable for you to hide this information under a bushel woud it not? As you seem to believe that you know the portal home, why persist with your games, and not tell us all?[/quote:1qcjv242]
be assured there will be no monkeys or descendants of monkeys in heaven not even Bishops for salvation is because of original sin by a human – be human and come home now – twinc