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While you seem to be using bating tactics to determine if you will decide who is and is not a heretic, I’ll assure you that the Administrator of this board is quite orthodox. If as it appears you are baiting, I’d ask you to be intellectually and morally honest, and simply state what it is that you reject. Is it the NOM, Vatican II, are you a Sede? You seem to lump most everyone who accepts what the Church teaches but you reject as modernists and heretics.

Pope John Paul II answered and while many liberals do not wish to hear the answer, that the Holy See has no authority to change the constant teaching and practice of the Church reagarding the ordination of women. The Vatican has responded to the women who have formed the “Womenpriest” movement, that their ordinations were invalid, as women cannot recieve Holy Orders.

Historians who look at the subject honestly admit that there were Deaconesses in the Early Church, but they did not recieve Orders, nor did they assist the Bishop at Mass, but simply assisted with the rites of Baptism of women, as they would in most cases change out of their clothes after batpism and anointing into a white garment.