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"Marie":26d8j2j1 wrote:
In the Catholic faith, what happens when a child is born into a family where the date falls on the anniversary death of a relative? Is this child expected to accept that family members will choose to attend the deceased relative’s dedicated masses versus celebrating the child’s birthdays?
My father-in-law passed away Oct.29, 2008, my granddaughter was born Oct. 29, 2009…….she will be turning 2 this Saturday. A birthday celebration has been planned for her on her birthday. My husband’s family (15+ family members) will not be attending her birthday celebration because of a Saturday evening mass with my deceased father-in-law’s name being mentioned at the end for dedication.
I’m just trying to understand why this is? I loved my father-in-law dearly and miss him very much but find this “situation” quite awkward. I feel sad for my granddaughter that her special day, possibly all of her birthdays, she will never have my husband’s side of the family celebrating her life. Please help me understand this[/quote:26d8j2j1]

Is it the Catholic Faith? or a family Tradition?

Time seems a little short for making it a Family Tradition, and they could do a memorial Mass on another day.

Get out your Catholic Bible Look up Sirach 38: 15- 23,

Sirach says, “the Dead are dead the living go on living”

God bless,