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Update. I have had my private meeting with the priest. I wanted to make a general confession, but it all came out.

The priest said one thing that interested me. He told me that in receiving absolution, I should not confess these sins again. He sensed something.

He then said, my problem was that it is not that I don’t believe God has forgiven me, but that I cannot forgive myself and now I must go home and pray to forgive myself.

As to RCIA, I will have to wait until the next time it begins which may be next year. In the meantime, I thank LA Robert for the links. I’m sure I have enough to fill my time before those RCIA classes open up again and will order the courses in the meantime. I realize this is a path back and it will take time.

Thank you so much all and God Bless. I will let you know my progress and will be returning.