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I pop in from time to time, so let me take this time to give you a belated welcome.

Yes the SDA and other “usual suspects” who have been shown to have faulty history continue on with their misinformation. It is interesting to note all the falsehoods they propose without fact checking, and then summarely dismiss anything from Catholic Sources.

Examples include “The long trail of blood” A few Baptists still use it as proof that the Baptist Church was the Apostolic Church, and that the Catholic Church was created by Constantine, and then started persecuting the Baptists. Well until about fourty years ago when Baptist historians admitted that the author made up the history in the late 1800’s and that the Baptists were formed in England after the Anglican Church split from the Catholic Church.

Then there is the whole Alberto series of comics published by Chick. Alberto, as his followers claim was amember of the “Jesuit Order” and a “Priest-Bishop” of the “Old Roman Catholic Church” who was charged with infiltrating the Protestant Churches of Central and South America to destroy them. He started reading the Bible for himself, and left the Church. Well aside from the Fact that the Jesuits are a Society and not an Order, that there is no such thing as a Priest-Bishop, and the Old Roman Catholic Church is a collection of Churches that broke away from the Roman Catholic Church in the 1860’s his history and tales become even more bizzare. He claims that the Jesuits founded Islam, and sent a nun to seduce Mohammed, and start the religion. This even though it was over 700 years before St. Ignatius was born and founded the Jesuits. He also claims that the Jesuits founded Nazism, and killed Jesuit priests to cover up the fact that they were the founders. Even Anti-Catholic former priests like the late Bart Brewer stated that Alberto was undoubtibly a fraud, after interviewing Alberto with the intent of hiring him for his anti-catholic organization, Brewer said that Alberto knew nothing about Catholic theology, and for a man who claimed to have four PhDs in Catholic Theology before Vatican II, he knew no latin etc.

But they swallow this hook line and sinker.

One of the best examples though is Lorraine Bottiner, a Presbyterian Minister who wrote one of the favorite anti-Catholic tomes. In it he tell us that Cardinal Newman wrote a passage denouncing the Infallibility and Universal Authority of the Pope. Well even though he provides no footnotes, or sources, he misleads readers when he tells them, “This from the pen of a Roman Catholic Cardinal” Well Bottiner fails to tell his reader that Newman, a Convert to the Catholic Faith wrote that when he was a Protestant Minister, and an Anti-Catholic. He does not tell us that after the study of history, he became convinced that the Catholic Church is true, and converted. Later when he wrote his Apologia, he shows how he once believed various things, including the above, and now has come to reject the false anti-catholic teachings of his youth.

Sources like these which have been disproved over and over again, are held by Anti-Catholics to be truly infallible, and anyone who questions their sources or corrects their misinformation must in their minds be followers of the Anti-Christ.