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As my deceased grandmother would say, “the devil appears in many forms.” I don’t think this is of much interest, even as parody. Even as a somewhat confused Catholic, I do believe there are things that we need not explore.

As for the Pope — when speaking Ex Cathedra — he is infallible. That’s the “when and where.” It’s taken on faith, not proof. There are many things in Catholicism that are taken on faith alone.

I prefer not to address other religious beliefs, or get into a discussion on the benefits of one religion or another, but I do believe that Wiccans are delving into a dangerous area — same for mind readers, psychics, horoscopes and other such areas. Whether one believes Wicca to be witchcraft or paganism, I would requote my grandmother. I did take some things from my religious upbringing which I consider to be very valid. I would look at a religion as to whether it had “cult-like” qualities, though many have accused Catholicism of being a “cult” — which I strongly disagree.

I was raised old-school R.C., prior to Vatican II, and there are some things that I believe the Church is absolutely correct in stating should be avoided. This would be one of them, since you, James, found it to be “upsetting.” It’s not even funny as a parody.