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I’ve been having a number of thoughts on this issue lately, especially in light of what has happened in New York. I am just sickened by the whole gay marriage issue and how it is being framed as “social justice” issue which will bring about “equality.”

Sometimes gay marriage is compared with interracial marriage when in reality the comparison is apples and oranges. In interracial marriage race/ethnicity/the color of skin is irrelevant to the marriage. In marriage, as it has been known for centuries, it is completely dependent upon sex (or “gender” as some call it). To be married, you must have one male and one female. It actually IS discrimination not to allow two people of different ethnicities marry, but it IS NOT discrimination not to allow to people of the same sex to marry.

Also, gay marriage has no tangible benefit to secular society. If the benefits are for individuals to have access to their partner’s healthcare and receive the same tax benefits then the gay marriage is actually a drain on society. The only reason for a secular government to grant benefits to married couples is because a marriage typically results in children. Children further society (and government’s needs) by adding taxpayers to the system. A gay marriage cannot produce people and therefore is of no advantage to civil government or society. It is purely selfish.