why cant the homosexuals get married in the Catholic church?

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    i am a catholic myself and i don’t understand why it isn’t allowed. surely everyone is equal and the chatholic church know more and more homosexuals are gettin married so why not just accet it and let them in to our faith because it is still God’s children and we were allowed to make our own path that is why God gave us free will.
    people may not agree and i accept that but others may not.


    Andres Ortiz

    Here is one perspective: http://www.aboutcatholics.com/life_in_c … mpossible/



    but isn’t it true that God also gave us free will and that we are all an image of God himself?


    Andres Ortiz

    Yes, those things are true.



    I’ve been away from the board for a bit, but I see a few interesting questions and topics have been posted.

    One thing that is sometimes confusing is how and why our dignity exists, and what it consists of. How are we created in God’s image?

    When we refer to ourselves as created in God’s image, and as having a basic dignity or worth, it is those qualities that God intended in the original creation, that is before the Fall. There were gifts that we were to have inherited had it not been for original sin. God in His infinate love looks beyond our sinfulness and into what He created us for, (To know Him, love Him, and be with Him forever). While he does not ignore our sins, or choices to reject His will, He unlike most of us sees beyond them and sends us graces to overcome sin, if we cooperate with His graces.

    The essence is that we live in a world that we have in a sense created, not the world that God intended for us to live in, or gave us originally. The world God intended was one of perfection, as Catholics we believe that by a misuse of our free will, we have created illness and desires for those things that distract us from our true purpose, which is Eternal Life with God. We are all called to show the world how we can live a moral life and live it joyfully. While we are also called to treat all with dignity because they are creatures of God, there are three things we cannot do. We cannot overlook or promote sinful behavior, (by heterosexuals or homosexuals) or mistreat someone who engages in sinful behavior, (that would include all of us, as we too are sinners). We must however leave the judgement of a person’s sinfullness to the medicine God gave us, the confessional. We can promote the latter by praying for the graces God sends to help us be recieved and utilized by all, and by our own frequent and worthy reception of the Sacraments, including visiting our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and praying for the gift of repentance and reparation for offences against His will.



    ok i’ve been away from here a long time and just found my details to log back in

    LARobert – i see were you are coming from with the world that God created for us to live on but God himself as we know him already could see the future and what the world would be like and if he already knew why didn’t he stop it from happening this way?

    i think he himself wanted us to be humans and not’ robots’ in a sense as he gave us minds to think and create, so we make mistakes everyone does and those that haven’t are too serious about life and always sticking by ‘the book’ when we should be living our lives that God gave us to live, otherwise how else would we learn right from wrong and i know people have different opinions on what im saying here of what is right? what is wrong? not everyone knows this. i think the only way to know is to go out there in the world that God made for us to live our lives to the fullest. besides who is to say that being a homosexual is wrong? i know that it is excepted now in the christian faith.

    you say sinners but i say people that have made mistakes and people living their lives the way they want to. the way they see is right.




    First off, homosexuality isn’t a sin. Second, EVERYBODY draws the line somewhere. And there is always going to be someone saying that it’s not wrong to do this or that even though they themselves would have no problem putting restrictions on certian things. So, at the very least you need to see that man moves toward order and rules. No reasonalbe person wants anarchy.

    So this mentality of “let them do what they think is right” is simply flawed at it’s core. Should we let everybody do what they think is right? Only some? Says who? You see how complicated it gets?


    Victor[quote:1rv9tyvy]First off, homosexuality isn’t a sin.[/quote:1rv9tyvy]
    Homosexuality IS a sin. To be a homosexual or to have the desires are not sinful until one acts on them. This is Church Teaching. See CC 2357-2359. Note that it is referring to the acts themselves and not the individual. Also notice what it says about the individual. You may also want to check [url:1rv9tyvy]http://www.catholic.com/thisrock/2004/0407sbs.asp[/url:1rv9tyvy]from Catholic Answers


    simply because many states are legalizing homosexual marriages is NOT a reason for the Church to start allowing same sex marriages. The Church cannot and will not ever change on its doctrines and teachings. The ECF’s, Basil, Chrysostom, Augustine, to name a few spoke out against homosexual acts and this teaching has remained constant. So the CC cannot change its teachings and bend to the whims of the world. We are all called to live chaste lives, whether married or single. God created them male and female and commanded them to go out and multiply. Two male or two females, cannot naturally, as God intended, multiply. Even with the natural order of things, the male and female organs were made to compliment one other and fulfill the intended within natural law. The Church can never accept a natural perversion much less endorse it. You may reply that the Church has accepted pedophiles. No, it does not accept such acts. That these perverts got into the Church and their actions were hidden by many bishops is not Church teachings Remember, that this abomination is not strictly a CC issue but a social issue that is quite prevalent in all sorts of professions but that is for another thread.


    Andres Ortiz

    I’ve been having a number of thoughts on this issue lately, especially in light of what has happened in New York. I am just sickened by the whole gay marriage issue and how it is being framed as “social justice” issue which will bring about “equality.”

    Sometimes gay marriage is compared with interracial marriage when in reality the comparison is apples and oranges. In interracial marriage race/ethnicity/the color of skin is irrelevant to the marriage. In marriage, as it has been known for centuries, it is completely dependent upon sex (or “gender” as some call it). To be married, you must have one male and one female. It actually IS discrimination not to allow two people of different ethnicities marry, but it IS NOT discrimination not to allow to people of the same sex to marry.

    Also, gay marriage has no tangible benefit to secular society. If the benefits are for individuals to have access to their partner’s healthcare and receive the same tax benefits then the gay marriage is actually a drain on society. The only reason for a secular government to grant benefits to married couples is because a marriage typically results in children. Children further society (and government’s needs) by adding taxpayers to the system. A gay marriage cannot produce people and therefore is of no advantage to civil government or society. It is purely selfish.



    I think what most people, who live in democratic societies, forget that religion is not a democracy.

    While we might want to change dogma or doctrine, and civil society is moving forward in personal and legal areas, no religion is a democracy whereby the religious authority is required to meet these civil changes. The two are decidedly separate and the Vatican, for example (or any religious authority) is not required to follow suit. I see no conflict really. Unless a religion advocated for something civilly illegal, then religion and the law are in conflict. But, when a religion does not change dogma or doctrine to meet societal changes — or, in this case, NYS passing a gay marriage law — there is no conflict if the Vatican does not change with this law. It’s a separate domain.

    Even believing that a religious authority, such as the Vatican, should change with this law would be violative of our First Amendment and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, as it would unnecessarily entangle government in religion.

    I wanted to add that the passing of a gay marriage law in NYS imposes no obligation on any one to do any thing. We are still free to act within our faith.

    I thought it was interesting that Pope Benedict XVI “lessened” the prohibition on condom use by stating that there was a greater evil — the sin of passing on a life-threatening disease.


    In the King James Version, Leviticus 18:22 is translated: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

    Politically correct or not.. there it is in the Bible. If it goes against God’s teaching, why would a Priest marry two men? There are other religions that allow this. But not the Catholic Faith. I am not against making it *legal* for them to marry. But I still think churches have a right to follow what their religions teach them and refuse to marry anyone that would cause them to go against their own teaching. It goes into the whole freedom of religion thing. So if the happy couple can’t find a Catholic Church that would marry them, they can find somewhere else to marry, if the state allows it.t



    I’d like to chime in that it’s not simply homosexuality and “Gay” Marriage that is destructive, but any sexual behavior outside of marriage, and immoral behavior within marriage.

    Homosexual or Heterosexual, there are standards of behavior we all have to follow. We need to resist the temptation to engage in sexual acts outside of Marriage, (Which as Catholics we believe can only occur between a man and woman.) And within Marriage, there are still standards that we must follow.

    I think that sometimes we look at someone elses sinful behavior and forget that as Catholics, who are given spiritual strenght through the Sacraments, we need not only to speak up about moral truths, but also show how it is very possible to either overcome sinful lives and live not simply a moral life, but a joyfully moral life. When we pray for the strength to overcome sin, we should also pray to show the world the joy of living a life of Faith, and faithfulness to God’s law.

    Thankfully we have the examples of several saints who have overcome immoral lives and though God’s grace transformed their lives.


    "roxanne":jcjx5rjp wrote:
    i am a catholic myself and i don’t understand why it isn’t allowed. surely everyone is equal and the chatholic church know more and more homosexuals are gettin married so why not just accet it and let them in to our faith because it is still God’s children and we were allowed to make our own path that is why God gave us free will.
    people may not agree and i accept that but others may not.[/quote:jcjx5rjp]
    Nothing fruitful can come from that kind of relationship.
    Man is made in the image of God, and for one man to lie with another man, he becomes a beast or less than His God given image.

    “the bible is about Nuptials” Bishop Fulton Sheen.

    God and Man, man and woman… to be fruitful and multiply. basically man and woman become creative force ourselves through God Divine Providence.

    homosexuality was considered a pollution upon the land.

    Some people argue God created them that way, not so, sin in the World is a result of the fall of adam, death disease and imperfections have affected since.

    Love the person, hate the sin!

    God bless,

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