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    I posted on another forum a while back about being thrown out of my church by my (now ex) pastor, and the anger, sadness and sense of abandonment caused me by the experience. :cry:

    Well, I haven’t found a new faith community. I live in rural Colorado, and work nights on the weekend, EVERY weekend, because of my family’s needs. So there isn’t a heckuva lot in terms of options here for Mass. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />

    Besides, my husband was married before, and hasn’t gotten an annullment (for Pete’s sake, it was 25 YEARS ago!) because even though he was considering it, he’s so mad at what the Church and its minions (the pastor and his deacon) have done to me that he doesn’t want me to ever set foot in a Catholic church again! So I’m not exactly in “full communion” with the Church anyway. :oops:

    My prayers really don’t consist of more than “Hi, God” anymore. I have posted all over the internet asking for prayers for my ex-pastor’s healing, and for me to be able to see that God isn’t just some distant force somewhere that doesn’t care about me.

    No luck. All I hear from God is silence. :cry:

    Please pray for my family, for my ex-pastor, and for me.

    Thanks, you guys.


    Do you think you are the only person in this situation?

    Try to convinve your husband to consider what full communion would mean to you. In the end, I do not know if an Annulment is appropriate but I do know this- God loves you and will do whatever it takes to bring you home.

    Ill pray for you


    silence–actually sometimes when one looks too hard for a sign or message from God, we miss it.

    I am reminded of a story I heard.

    There was a man who prayed night after night that he would win the lottery. But day after day he would be dissappointed after watching the drawing on TV. This went on for weeks before he asked God, “I have prayed every day to win the lottery; why haven’t you let me win?” God said, “I am trying, but first you need to buy a lottery ticket!”

    It sounds like you have thought out, and even tryed to take those first steps, which is good, because taking the first small step is maybe just what God needs in order to help you by answering your prayers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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