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    Man I am so blessed. I have been scrambling to get a car for my graduation banquet… and its been stressfull. I have literally been told to get out of most rental offices and dealerships just because of my age… So one day I come home from school and my mom tells me to clean up, cause I have to meet someone… I had no idea why I was going or who this guy was. But it turns out that my mother knows him from church, and he just so happens to be a member of the local sports car club… So I went to meet him and he is just up and giving me his car for my graduation night. No cost, no nothing, just throwing me the keys… Hes got a Triumph TR7 with modified Hood Scoop Spoiler and 17″ rims…. Supercharged V6 with 200+HP SO STOKED!!!! Such a blessing, just thought I’d come on here and share it :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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