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    oh ok


    Hello—-some dj called the house
    he is working as a dj for a wedding August 7th
    He asked what kind of music he may play
    I told him, polka, disco, and gospel.
    Was that alright? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Should be all right for my grandparents <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />


    Has anyone heard of the website [url:2gm7ihoc]http://www.phatmass.com[/url:2gm7ihoc]? It’s based out of Texas. I don’t believe it is blasphemous because they use an urban term “phat” meaning good or cool and mass. What ‘phat’ really stands for to them is


    They promote Catholic pop music, from Catholic hip-hop to Catholic R&B and rock. I have to admit that at first I was sceptical because sometime I think it is just a way to ‘secularize’ Christianity and water it down. But when I listened to the lyrics, I found it to contain more truth and teaching than some homilies I’ve heard before. They really know their faith and are really unashamed to proclaim it. Not only that, they live what they teach. Maybe this could be very beneficial for our youth.


    Peace be with all!

    I like this question a lot. I listen to both. Although, I am moving more towards Christian music. I find the more I read the Word and the more I try to live a pious and righteous life, I need to limit the things in life that distract me from that goal.

    Whoever said it earlier was right that music can direct your actions. It was intended for that purpose, although I think for positive purpose, unlike gansta rap and like. :x

    Christian, liturgical, gospel, classical, baroque, and so forth glorify life and God. They are also a great form of meditation.



    The past 3yrs have been physically and mentally my worst. Odd what people chose to cling to. I have chosen music! However, my 16yr old son says I must have suffered terribly following my craniotomy, as he’s embarassed when I pick him up from school with my Rob Zombie cd blarring in the car!! I’ve just turned 50yrs old, will NEVER part with all forms of Rock!! The Marilyn Manson’s and Rob Zombie’s of the world are entertainers, nothing more or less, it’s all part of the show! I hate people with starchy underwear about lyrics. If I can turn loud an AC/DC cd to help get the housework done, then my day is a success. Let’s not forget the love songs too, when all is well, the heart softens yet glows I have a problem with overkill and prentencious intentions. Come on folks, let your hair down and relax. Just might put a smile on that face and give God a rest! :mrgreen: [/b]

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