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    [quote:3paxs8ps]I am a divorced Catholic. Can I still partake of the Eucharist? I am NOT re-married although I am dating.

    Bob, this is a difficult question, but I will try to help you with it. I think I will quote something that a priest I know said recently:

    [quote:3paxs8ps]In the end, this is a question you have to answer yourself. As the pope recently restated in his encyclical Ecclesia De Eucharistia, “the judgment of one’s state of grace obviously belongs only to the person involved” (par. 37). Yet he also reiterated that “those who ‘obstinately persist in manifest grave sin’ are not to be admitted to Eucharistic communion” (par. 37). Yet the pope was not trying to emphasize who was excluded. He was focusing on how important the Eucharist is for us as Catholics (see Archbishop Flynn’s column in this week’s Catholic Spirit for a good synopsis [[url:3paxs8ps]http://www.thecatholicspirit.com[/url:3paxs8ps] – click on “Archbishop’s Column”]).

    That, then, becomes the difficulty. If one is in persistent grave sin, knowingly, with no intention of or even interest in repenting, then joining with the rest of the community at the Table makes less and less sense. The Church hierarchy would also worry that such action, especially in a very public way, would lead others into grave sin.

    The Church Magesterium has many good reasons why we have rules about marriage. It is important to look at the reasons. But, in the end, you have to justify your actions and choices to God. And most Catholic communities are not going to check the state of your moral life before you come to communion.
    -Fr. Don Andrie CSP[/quote:3paxs8ps]

    I guess the main question is if whether you have annulment or not. Ultimately, as Fr. Don said, these questions are something you need to reflect on yourself. I will keep you in my prayers as you discern this.

    -Jon Jakoblich


    EUCHARIST is the ritual, sacramental action of thanksgiving to God which constitutes the principal Christian liturgical celebration of and communion in the paschal mystery of Christ. The liturgical action called the Eucharist is also traditionally known as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is one of the seven sacraments of the Church; the Holy Eucharist completes Christian initiation. The Sunday celebration of the Eucharist is at the heart of the Church’s life.
    If you are divorced you can partake in the mass [b:1tlttyes]BUT[/b:1tlttyes] cannot receive the host.You can go up to the priest but have your arms crossed in front of your chest and priest will bless you.

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