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    Hello there–I am not sure where to post this topic-so move it if you wish.

    Also I do NOT know where to begin or how to articulate my question. Personally I feel livid.

    I was made aware today that our public high school would have a hypnotist at a day’s end assembly. Nothing new here—-it is looked upon as entertaining and informative.

    I asked to observe- no problem.

    But then I also called ahead and found out that this hypnotist assembly was mandatory. I stated to the office secretary that you know for Christians this would be taking part in a sin against the first commandment. She was interested. I stated how for the sex education programs parents are informed and students are not required to attend—-that perhaps this too which could be strongly against the religion of a majority of the students yet parents were told nothing about it.

    Jump to the ‘show’…….lots of laughs of course as the hypnotist demonstrated his suggestions for over half an hour, and 20 some unwitting subjects played out his bidding. It bothers me for one that he kept them under his suggestion for a long period of time. 2 examples; a boy who received the suggestion that the microphone stand was a stunning and playable woman—-laughs as the hypnotist had to keep the student from having sex with the stand as he kissed it to the floor. 2nd example the subjects were given an imaginary glass and told that it’s contents would bring them much joy and happiness, the more they would drink the better they would feel………I would think it should have disturbed some adults in the room to witness group inebriation under the mind control of one man. well on and on it played out. I personally witnessed a teacher and a former ccd student after they had been this hypnotist’s subjects—-they looked like they were dazed and had just awoken from a deep sleep. I felt sorry for the girl, she is a shy sensitive individual , her friends were rushing to inform her of the many stupid things she did in front of the whole school.

    Well so where do I go from here

    I guess the first suggestion comes from our priest—-write to the school board, asking why this is mandatory attendance. (this show has been shown in the past, and may be planned for in the future.)

    Thanks for reading

    help! :cry:


    I just read through the 1st Commandment part of the Catechism and I would say that hypnotism is borderline with that. It does talk about magic and sorcery and all that in the Catechism, but not hypnotism explicitly. I suppose it could be another form of control where the hypnotist usurps God, but if the intention is lacking in taking the place of God then I do not think it is a violation of the 1st Commandment.

    Regardless, attendance at a hypnotism assembly should not be required. I think there are better things that school should be doing with your tax dollars. You pay for them to get an education, not Las Vegas style entertainment.


    Jon—-thank you for the reply

    First—-today the principal assured me that attendance at this assembly is not mandatory (not what the staff told me yesterday). I said good, I also questioned if parents of these minors who were hypnotized signed a waiver that it was okay that this ‘therapy’ was practiced on their minor children—even if the implicit purpose was for entertainment. Of course this question opened up a long conversation with me

    he figured of course that I am nuts—-but he did allow me to express my concerns and he did come away with a much different insight ( in the future parents will be notified)

    To my fellow forum friends; feeling a great urge or passion to be an activist on issues that most do not even view as ‘issues’ is so difficult at times. I would so much rather get on with my normal everyday life than to stir up concern with folks just out to have a good time. I have to take alot of time to pray to help discern if God really wants me to speak out—-and even then I reason it would just be easier to mentally cloister myself and pray and pray and let someone else take up the actual battle.


    I really want to be convinced that this is borderline first commandment at the very least—-then I could go on to something else. I am looking up articles on hypnosis

    but from my understanding, while under a trance the subject/patient is suggestible to the ‘therapist’ as well as any other influences floating around out there—-in fact the hypnotist cautions the audience to remain silent for some parts. Yesterday these folks were in a trance for over 20 minutes.

    The parts of the first commandment I worry about are section 2106 where it addresses a person ‘freely’ ascenting to the divine truth. Section2115 and especially 2116 refer to consulting divination, magic, and clairvoyance in order to conciliate hidden powers

    you see under a hypnotic trance a subject is open to many many thoughts that they do not have in their normal alert state. While it is true that hypnosis under professionally controlled situations at best can help with medical and mental problems—it can and does go sour with such problems as false memories being implanted along with all the other post hypnotic suggestions that can be purposely or accidently planted. I see this as serious—-am I totally alone in viewing it this way? :oops:



    I really want to be convinced that this is borderline first commandment at the very least—-then I could go on to something else. I am looking up articles on hypnosis

    but from my understanding, while under a trance the subject/patient is suggestible to the ‘therapist’ as well as any other influences floating around out there—-in fact the hypnotist cautions the audience to remain silent for some parts. Yesterday these folks were in a trance for over 20 minutes.[/quote:3qdkcsrg]

    Hmmm…you have a point – I didn’t really think of that before. I glanced over the section about the 1st Commandment quickly because I had quite a number of things to accomplish today.

    I suppose you’re right, but here’s another one for you: God gives us free will, so does that mean we can choose to surrender that free will?
    And it’s ok, be an activist, don’t worry about what other people think. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    It sounds like these students did give up their free will with full knowledge of doing so. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />


    Thanks again Jon. Yesterday was really tough because I was(and still) bothered about the souls of these students

    later I found out that many community families as well as the students went back for the evening program and more teens were hypnotized as well.

    This was not a clinical setting therapist where there would hopefully be some checks and balances on the hypnotist’s practice and clients this was a person who put alot of people in a trance for entertainment—-you know alot of people remember the old stuff—-having people bark like a dog or maybe kiss a stranger

    but today there are so many searching adults as well as teens—-alot of them wear the wican symbols as well as the satan stuff.

    From my understanding the actions of a person under hypnotic trance or the actions of a person acting on a post-hypnotic suggestion come from: suggestion, imagination, or delusion(delusion being a false planted idea—-like this pain is not real, or you are not hungry)

    Jon I will recall some advice you gave me over a year ago during some other project concerning the spiritual well being of our youth. You told me to remember the real work or the battle is actually fought by the Holy Spirit, so that I shouldn’t let worry take its toll on myself. Very good advice I do well to remember it.

    In the meantime I will be searching for some answers. First; when hypnotised and acting on suggestion, delusion, or imagination—-are we using our free will?

    Second—our priest wanted me (he doesn’t go online) to find out more about hypnosis from a Catholic perspective. If anyone can help or has any links I would appreciate it. I do not know if I am using the correct online search methods. EWTN and Catholic answers for me anyways comes up with nothing using either the term hypnosis or hypnotism.
    By the way how sad it is—-I noticed that by putting the word Catholic Answers in a search line that there are several very anti-Catholic sites that literally pepper their articles with the word “Catholic Answers”, so that anyone will be directed to this site in their search for true Catholic teaching. This is something we really have to pray about.

    In conclusion I want to add that I am patient for answers and think on this forum we can all help each other out

    and not expect the webmaster (is that a real term—lol) to come up with everything for such a long winded person as myself <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />



    Real hypnotherapists would NEVER indulge in a public display anymore than a REAL dentist would wheel in a tank of laughing gas and administer it to subjects for fun. Hypnotism is a therapeutic tool, and should be engaged in only with proper reflection (possible only in a well-informed adult) and a good understanding of the nature and content of any hypnotic suggestion. Ethical hypnotists tape record each session.

    The thought of kids being exposed to what could be termed mind control in a public school is creepy. Public schools, as an attenuated arm of the government, should be especially sensitive to any notion that they are engaging in any kind of brainwashing, however seemingly harmless.

    I would register a strong protest with the school board. And I would forward your posts to Eagle Forum. Phyllis Schlafly’s group has been highly effective in emplacing legislation that shields kids from being tinkered with by school psychologists, and that would include hypnosis. I highly commend Eagle Forum as being a singularly effective activist organization on the cutting edge of staving off invasive legislation aimed at improper social control. Be there.


    Nordskoven: (I don’t know how to highlight words from one post to the next or for that matter be looking at your post as I am typing this one so sorry for any typos etc)

    I want to thank you, because of course like the other responses you have affirmed my feelings <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

    But most importantly you have given me some arguments outside the spiritual with which to talk to the school, school board, community (via local paper) etc.

    I couldn’t figure out how to reach them, because during the school session, and the evening session a good lot of this Christian and highly Catholic town all took part in this ‘wonderful entertainment’

    they saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. I would be way out there trying to address the danger to one’s free will.

    However—-thanks to you, I can approach the community with the idea that hypnotism is an activity that should only take place in a controlled setting ( if at all).

    Now I am being unkind—-but it will give an example of what seems to be important around here

    it is a very small community-so folks search hi and low for the correct kind of basketball shoes for their kids, want to lynch a soccer ref for a call on their child

    yet don’t think about some stranger making suggestions to them in a 20 minute or longer trance!! TO be fair my point is that the parents were not even told ahead of time about this assembly. However when most of them did find out—they came back to the evening assembly to join in the’fun’

    thanks again for the responses folks

    I am still searching and researching.


    Pam, could you post a follow up on some advice you recently received regarding the hypnotism issue? <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />



    I apologize for not replying quicker. Indeed I went to Relevant Radio with a question. The show was “The Doctor is in” with Dr. Ray Guarendi (I am not sure on the spelling)

    Basically I asked if I was just too far ‘out there’ in being greatly disturbed regarding a program about and including hypnotism brought in to our public high school.

    We did not get into the spiritual issue of free will, nor did we discuss the mechanics of how this hypnotist put 19 or more students and teachers into a hypnotic trance lasting 20 minutes or more. Dr. Ray knows his ‘psycho babble’ well and is familiar with stage-hypnotism or hypnotism for entertainment purposes.

    He inquired what kind of hypnotic suggestions were made. I gave him only 2 of many. One where a young man was made to believe the microphone stand was a young and willing lady. This teen then starting kissing the stand and took it to the floor. The other example was that all the volunteers were poured out a libation, the more they ‘drank’ from it the ‘happier’ they felt.

    Dr. Ray was concerned that the hypnotist was allowed to make immoral hypnotic suggestions to the teens, and that the school staff allowed for this to happen.

    He suggested that I talk to the school on the grounds of the immorality they brought in as entertainment.

    Although I really appreciated his answer, AND it validated my feelings, It would not serve alot to talk to the school at this time because I have talked to them and they just don’t get it—-they don’t get it at all.

    I think in the future I should bring up to the school board that parents should be informed about the program ahead of time. And like any other kind of medical procedure they should also sign a waiver that it is or is not okay for their minor child to be put into a trance by a hypnotist.

    I hope my answer here makes some sense.

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