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    Going to confession is always tough for me for a few reasons. First, I generally don’t think about it too much, second I don’t have a lot of time and third I am just plain nervous about it.

    I’ve noticed that my nervousness increases the longer the time period between confessions. I usually like it when I go because it feels like I get a few things off my chest and can clear my conscience. However sometimes I wonder why I even go because most times I go there, confess, make a solid promise that I will never do it again and within 3 days I generally do the same stuff I just confessed and promised God not to do.

    Anyone else experience this?


    Yes, I experience that. But I know that God understands that I am human, and I try to ask him for help to stay on track.

    I find it like the dieters who once they “mess up” by eating sweets think that it is not worthwhile to work at staying on the diet for the rest of the day. This is not true. If they would just say, “oops I made a mistake but I am not going to let that mean giving up today, ” their dieting effort will still have much of the original benefical effect.

    Even if we “mess up” by committing the same sin, it doesn’t mean that the confession didn’t do any good. Recognizing the mistake or fault and then working to overcome them in the future will still be benefical.

    When I find myself relapsing into old sins, I step back. I know it is impossible to keep a perfectly “sinless” record so I expect slip-ups, but I don’t let them halt/stop/ruin my determination to go and sin no more. I do my best to get up, and start running again.

    On average, I think that the more I go to confession, the more personal progress I see afterwards.

    Like exercising, if I do it more often, it is not such a challenge to become a more spiritually fit person. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />


    Once per month or more?!

    That makes me feel really weak. I go to confession about every 5 days and, it is sad to say, for the same sins.


    [quote:pj428jtt]Once per month or more?!

    That makes me feel really weak. I go to confession about every 5 days and, it is sad to say, for the same sins.[/quote:pj428jtt]

    Sorry man, I was just trying to make it broad enough where there weren’t 5 million responses.

    Geez, I wish I went to confession that often. :shock:


    Yeesh… gotta agree. We could be going every couple of days….


    it’s how badly I messed up since last time.
    Of course, it’s easy to forget, that’s when I need it the most!

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