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    Emotionalism in Christianity

    Contemporary Christian Worship is a strange beast. The whole ideas is to try to create an emotional response and make some one FEEL like they need to make a decision for Christ. Obviously there are serious flaws with this approach, but what amazes me is that the people who focus so much on emotion in their “worship” ignore what should be the most emotional aspect of Christianity there is: The proper preaching of Law and gospel.

    What can possibly be more emotional than having all of your ideas of self control and self esteem wiped out. To have the thought that there is even the smallest shred of goodness in you crushed by the awesome weight of God’s expectations in his Law. To realize that you are completely separated from all goodness in the world.

    Yet after having your life devastated, there is still hope. As bad as you are, there is still love available for you. You learn that you can still be saved, and made into a new creation that is acceptable to God. And better yet, you don’t even have to do anything to get there, Christ already accomplished it all for you, simply out of pure love.

    There can be no greater emotional experience than this, and yet it is all but ignored. Most Christians are too afraid of losing someone by making them feel bad to really preach the law. What they forget is that Christ came to save SINNERS. If there was no sin, if there was no law, there would be no need for Christ & the Gospel. Without the law, the Gospel is meaningless.

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