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    City To Last-Rites Priest: Pay Up
    (CBS/AP) BROOKLYN New York City’s final word to the Rev. Cletus Forson is that the parking ticket stands. Forson was ticketed when he parked outside Maimonedes Medical Center on July 26 to attend to a 65-year-old patient who was not expected to live.

    Forson was called by the woman’s daughter to administer the sacrament of the sick. When he came out he had a $115 parking ticket.

    Administrative Law Judge Michael Ciaravino refused to overturn it saying Forson was parked in an ambulance zone. The Reverend denies blocking ambulances.

    However an appeals panel with judges Irwin Strum and Diane Pine ruled that although Forson was filling a religious obligation, he was still illegally parked.

    Forson didn’t have to shell out the $115 from his own pocket.

    The public outcry over the ticket had dozens off donations made to Forson and his church — Saint Andrew the Apostle of Bay Ridge.

    Monsignor Guy Massie at the church says the extra money has been given to charity.

    City Councilman Vincent Gentile says he’s upset the appeals panel not forgiving the ticket. He says he had hoped that the panel would have shown some discretion and common sense once it heard all the facts.




    That’s what I thought. I guess I would rule on the side of the judge if I was a judge.


    I would as well. I might excuse the fine, though.

    Here in Arizona, DPS will ticket (and even arrest, on at least one occasion) firefighters for parking a firetruck in such a way that it blocks traffic – even if they are blocking traffic in order to do their job (such as a rescue on a highway). Of course, DPS has the common sense to do so after the fact.

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