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    Since this forum is a lot more relaxed and mature than others, I’d like to ask a serious question. How can one justify ascribing to the Democrat Party and still remain a faithful Catholic? Democrats, particularly on the nation scene, are liberals espousing socialist tenets. They are the driving force behind removing God from all facets of our public domain, and socialsm is very anti-relgion. How can you expect to continue to practice your faith while you simultaneously help to erode the very freedom of relgion? It seems self-defeating.
    Don’t read into this, I’m not saying the Republican Party is right way to go either, they are enablers to liberalism. But the Dems are so “in your face” with thier socialism, thought they try to hide it behind emotional tags like “diversity” and “equal opportunity”.


    Agree the macro platform could be argued as being similar to the CST, but in practice its using the power of the state to enforce a skewed interpretation. I just skimmed over the key themes again and I agree with them. I think where the trouble lies is in the execution. Today’s politicians want to use the power of the state to force those themes to the extreme end (abortions for all, all sex is OK-without limitation, your Bible based moral code is a hinderence to progress). And simultaneous to that agenda, the socialsts ideology (i.e. there is no god but the State) is intermingled to a point where the 2 are indistinguishable. That may be why some Catholics are die-hard Dems.
    I like to associate with lots of different folks, it makes for interesting conversations. My poker group has a “greenie”, and a “captialist”. My work envrionment is such that race is never an issue, I’ve work for and supervised a very good cross-section of the American demographic. We homeschool, and do our best to live the themes in the CST.
    But as soon as “you” order me to associate with folks I don’t “want” to (or at least in a setting/way I oppose), or forcibly take from me to give to another, or attempt to redact our Christian heritage from teh public domain, then we got problems. That’s when Christianity stops and socialism begins (IMHO).

    While the ends may on the surface be noble, the means are anti-American, anti-God.

    I’d bash on the Republicans as well, but they are more apathetic, less actively trying to alter our american culture. They seem content (on the national level) to just let the Dems take the hammering and work toward the same goals at a much slower and less public pace.

    And of course this leads to what should we as Catholics do about it? But I think I’ll see about addressing that in another thread.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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