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Ok. Wait a minute…a Lutheran church in Rome?!?! That really doesn’t make sense :/ and our lady? Crucifixes? what’s going on here?!?![/quote:3d5g67f3]
are you lutheran? could you please tell us what non-catholic christian branch you belong to?
and what’s confusing with that? there’s also a mosque in rome, and also several non-catholic christian groups in rome and there’s also this iglesia ni cristo cult in rome…

im confused at the fact that you’re confused with it <img decoding=” title=”Cool” />[/quote:3d5g67f3]
Passionatly: You will learn that there are many Protestants (and poorly educated Catholics) Who really don’t know what the Protestant Reformers really did and Said. There are those in the “Evangelical/Pentecostal” groups who think that “That Old Time Religion” and the Religions of the Reformers looked just like the Churches they go to, with a minister in a suit, or even T-Shirt and Shorts, a choir behing the pulpit or a band with electric guitar on the stage. A “Message” of Trust Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and forget about the rest of what He taught about Baptism, and what St. Paul taught about “Running the Good Race” because those are Catholic Inventions. They truly believe the twisted history they have been taught. They think that the Pope is the Anti-Christ, and as Jack Chick comics tell them that there is a worldwide conspirasy to collect the names of all Protestants so the governments that are secretly controlled by the Jesuits, (who also control the Pope) Don’t ask me how the Anti-Christ can be controlled by the Jesuits, but most of what the conspirasy theories they believe don’t have to make sense. Because many are brainwashed to not read Catholic responses, you usually won’t find them reading links, and along with prayer, face to face discussion is usually the only way they will be exposed to what the Catholic Church really teaches, vs the falsified information they have been fed. Most of them give far more importance to Boettner and Hislop, (the two main sources of anti-catholic diatribes) than the Catholic Church gives to the Pope. While the Pope is held by Catholics to be fallible in day to day opinions, and only Infallible in very narrow and limited circumstances, anything Boettner and Hislop wrote is to them absolute, even when no-partisan sources prove them wrong.

You may find this article amusing, but it does explain how these folk have been given a re-written concept of History and the Early Church. It is written by a former Protestant, who converted after he was exposed to real history….


Here are a couple of articles that will also explain some of the flawed sources that they use or are taught from, and how deceptive they are.