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[quote:1kf0g1rq]also it must be hard when there is a marriage or a child is born there wont be any pics to look at 40years down the road.[/quote:1kf0g1rq]

Whenever the Scriptures are taken out of context, and the Church is calumated by those who are led astray you do have to wonder. In the case of the Amish they are usually not exposed to much of the outside world except for the year in their late teens where they are permitted to experience the outside world before they are incorporated into the Church. I know a couple of people who now live “In the world” who express that growing up they just never imagined what we have in the outside world, so never missed it. They do however get a sound indoctrination that all the “english” or those outside their community are not to be trusted, Protestant or Catholics. But it seems from talking to them they don’t have the usual protestant calumnies about the Church such as that Catholics “Worship Statues” or that we “Worship Mary”, which the run of the mill Evangelical has been brainwashed into thinking by the misinformation they are fed. They are simply taught not to mix and not to be curious of others.