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[quote:vgcwgy1e]No problem -the words were added for your benefit [/quote:vgcwgy1e]

In typical Protestant duplicity, Ronnie has given us the same silliness that abandoning the Faith and Authority that Jesus gave to Peter as Vicar, and Shephard of His flock, and making himself, (Ron) his own Pope.

I guess it is forbidden (by Ron) that Catholics should be able to use the same ideas exlained by Jesus to the Apostles, and that we should not be able to rely on what the Apostles taught the early Church and the Fathers, men who either 1 Heard Jesus directly, or where desciples of those men, or early desciples of them(for that would be adding to the Bible!). But it is OK for Ron to add words to the Bible, to modify it in order to make his own point, and re-define what Protestantism decided they wanted the Bible to say, 1500 years later for the benefit of stupid Catholics who could not get with the changes that Ronaldites of the world wanted the Scriptures to say. But Ronnie has told us that before that we are stupid and don’t understand what Jesus plainly told us, so I guess he being chosen to modify the Scriptures so we can now finally after all these centuries understand what it was the Jesus really wanted to say, rather than what He did say, and has been believed until Ronnie and his pals finally came along to correct the text for us.

Well round two of Chemo today, so I’ll hopefully I’ll take a few days away from replying to the Scriptural slight of hand Ron is bound to post while I go through the cloudiness that follows a dose of the agents my doctor feels will give me more time to watch with amusement the contortions of Scripture before Ron’s eventual return to the barque of Peter. Keep grasping at straws Ronald, I need something to look forward to.