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[quote:22pi7ki5]you make a terrible couselor (in case no one ever told you) [/quote:22pi7ki5]

I’m not attempting to be a substitute for a therapist, counselor, or Doctor here. It is however evident that anyone who attempts to show a little humanity, Christian Charity and concern for what appears to be a problem that is becoming worse with you, and gets ever increasing venom filled replies like your own can’t be far off track.

While I’m looking over the webpage you think may cinch it, (although now that you’ve cut and pasted the Breanbeacon web URL, I do remember him, and found him to be most unreliable.) None the less in the intrest of seeking after the truth, while I’m reviewing him, take an (honest if possible) look at some of what Kimberly Hahn had to go through to come out of the wasteland and into the Body of Christ….