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[i:1lx0m475][b:1lx0m475]Victor you said:[/b:1lx0m475][/i:1lx0m475]
[quote:1lx0m475]You have to be kidding Ron? Essential beliefs in Christianity is exactly what’s being debated every day. One can in fact believe Christ died for your sins and deny the Trinity for example. Your claim has no basis in reality. [/quote:1lx0m475]

[i:1lx0m475][b:1lx0m475]I gave you two examples – who’s kiddng there[/b:1lx0m475][/i:1lx0m475]?

[quote:1lx0m475]Paul specifically begins Chaper 11 by noting his ancestry in the Tribe of Benjamin. The context is there for you to see it’s relationship with Judaic Law. [/quote:1lx0m475]

[i:1lx0m475][b:1lx0m475]The Bible does not make that distinction – Paul notes his ancestry but those are two different lines of thought – works of any kind are still works and that is clearly against grace![/b:1lx0m475][/i:1lx0m475]

[quote:1lx0m475]Nope. But I don’t see it as an impossibility though[/quote:1lx0m475]

[i:1lx0m475][b:1lx0m475]good luck finding one – the Bible says that the righteous man sins seven times daily and that the heart of man is desperately wicked[/b:1lx0m475][/i:1lx0m475]

[quote:1lx0m475]according to you all you have to do is believe[/quote:1lx0m475]

[i:1lx0m475][b:1lx0m475]Have you ever read Romans 4:4-6? or John 6:28-29? or how about Romans 6:23 (The second half?)[/b:1lx0m475][/i:1lx0m475]

[quote:1lx0m475]Outside of Christ, none.[/quote:1lx0m475]

[i:1lx0m475][b:1lx0m475]Until you believe you will remain outside of Christ[/b:1lx0m475][/i:1lx0m475]

[quote:1lx0m475]Are works guranteed in true believers? [/quote:1lx0m475]

[i:1lx0m475][b:1lx0m475]How is that verse oh yes….faith without works is dead[/b:1lx0m475][/i:1lx0m475]

[quote:1lx0m475]Childish babble from someone who has shown not to understand Catholicism. I hardly think anyone that knows the difference takes you serious. [/quote:1lx0m475]

[i:1lx0m475][b:1lx0m475]This is one area that you don’t get for sure or you won’t talk so foolish[/b:1lx0m475][/i:1lx0m475]

[quote:1lx0m475]Point out where I have misunderstood you.[/quote:1lx0m475]

[i:1lx0m475][b:1lx0m475]Salvation, and on and on and on …….[/b:1lx0m475][/i:1lx0m475]