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Here is one that will hopefully at least strike your curiousity further.

[b:3ptq45pl]Titus 3:5-7[/b:3ptq45pl] ‚Äì [color=green:3ptq45pl]”He saved us by the washing of regeneration and renewal in the Holy Spirit, which He poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ, so that we might be justified by His grace and become heirs of eternal life.”[/color:3ptq45pl] This is a powerful text which proves that baptism regenerates our souls and is thus salvific. The [color=green:3ptq45pl]”washing of regeneration” “saves us.”[/color:3ptq45pl] Regeneration is never symbolic, and the phrase [color=green:3ptq45pl]”saved us”[/color:3ptq45pl] refers to salvation. By [color=red:3ptq45pl]baptism[/color:3ptq45pl], we become justified by His grace (interior change) and heirs of eternal life (filial adoption). Because this refers to [color=red:3ptq45pl]baptism[/color:3ptq45pl], the verse is about the beginning of the life in Christ. No righteous deeds done before [color=red:3ptq45pl]baptism[/color:3ptq45pl] could save us. Righteous deeds after [color=red:3ptq45pl]baptism[/color:3ptq45pl] are necessary for our salvation.