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"Christie117":281wt66p wrote:
Hey a simple question.. I was married in a civil ceremony and was divorced. I was wondering if I am allowed to get married to someone else in the Catholic Church since my first marriage was not in the Church?

I’d appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />[/quote:281wt66p]
Outside the church marriages are Non- Sacramental, They are civil. Unless you received the church’s blessing in the Marriage.

What you need is to see your Parish Pastor ask for a Declaration of Nullity for each prior marriage to a non-Catholic in a non-Catholic rite for which a dispensation from canonical form had not obtained prior to the marriages. ( If this dispensation had been obtained an annulment would be required, because the marriage would have been a valid Catholic Marriage.)

These are done @ the Parish level whereas an annulment is obtained through the Parish Diocese Tribunal.

then you’d need to attend pre-Cana course, if you haven’t been a practicing Catholic you may be required to attend RCIA.

The Catholic can not get a dispensation to get married by a Judge, a Lawyer, a Justice of the Peace, or a Public Official nor can they get permission to be married in a home, a backyard, a field, a boat, a prison or a palace.

To get back to the practice of the Catholic faith
A Catholic Must:
– Have their civil marriage convalidated (Blessed by the Catholic Church)
– Contact priest or deacon for marriage preparation
– Need Baptismal certificate dated within last 6 months
– Third party signed by 2 people (Parents) confirming no prior marriages
– Copy of their marriage license – not registration
– Complete instruction
– Go to confession
– Take a profession of faith if they formally joined another faith
– If one of the spouses is a baptized non-Catholic person, you must obtain a mixed marriage / disparity of worship dispensation ( This can be obtained for the Archdiocese Chancery Office within 3 to 4 weeks )

God bless,