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    Hey a simple question.. I was married in a civil ceremony and was divorced. I was wondering if I am allowed to get married to someone else in the Catholic Church since my first marriage was not in the Church?

    I’d appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks


    Hi Christie and welcome to the forum! It would be difficult for any of us to give any definitive answers. I would recommend seeking a parish priest or even an official from your diocese to help.

    In short, it is my understanding that you would be able to remarry, but I am unclear on what steps you would need to take to be able to do so.


    Christie117 – I will say this from first hand experience. I was married outside the Catholic Church and without permission from the Church many years ago. I divorced after less than 1 year. The priest I went to said that I was in a marriage that was not recognized by the Church and the priest gave me absolution after confession and was able to participate fully in the sacraments of the Church. Eight years later I was able to get married in the Church but the priest got what he called a mini-annulment. However, what has to be determined is if the civil ceremony you were married in was approved by the Church. There are at times certain circumstances that the Bishop MAY and that’s a big “may” allow a marriage outside of the Catholic Church as long as there is a priest present. The couple has to go through marriage preparation in the Church. I had a nephew who got married in another denomination because his bride-to-be parents refused to allow her to get married in a Catholic ceremony as she was not Catholic. After talking with the priest, getting permission from the Bishop, and going through marriage preparation they were married outside of the Catholic Church with a priest present. The marriage was recognized as being valid and was registered in the Sacramental Records of the parish they attended classes in.

    You were probably in a marriage that was not recognized by the Church, was living in sin and thus were not able to go to Communion. In my case the priest told me that all I needed was to go to confession. However, it’s best to talk to your parish priest, give him all the details of the why’s, when’s, where’s, how come’s, and etc.

    God Bless you..


    Thank you so much <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> I will talk to him tomorrow !


    Please keep us posted. Our prayers are with you.


    I am a divorced catholic,and i was married to a non catholic by a catholic priest with his blessing. When i got divorced i dashed to see the priest,and he said do not worry it`s the law of the land. You go to court to sort out who gets the car,or the house,or the pet dog. Also it lets the government know, so that you can claim benefit`s or pay taxes,and all other goods and chattlels. The children, are a different matter you go to the Family Court,and this one his a real heart wencher. You still say the vows in a civil marriage. If you want to get married again in a catholic church you can.If you go and see your parish priest he will guide you. I said in another post i was brought up a very strict catholic,and mixed marriages were forbidden,and you committed a grave sin. The parish priest would have nothing to do with you,and added you are living in sin. It`s a load of rubbish. You are not living in sin. I can give you a example where 2 catholics are married,and are committing sin,and hardly anybody knows this. Bad for the church?
    This goes higher than anyone thinks,because the Bishop of my diocese had a relation that was divorced. This opened the can of worms. I was on a retreat for divorced catholics,and a woman said to me if you want to get married to a catholic in a catholic church i know a priest that can do it. I can confirm that a number of priests that can do this.

    "Christie117":281wt66p wrote:
    Hey a simple question.. I was married in a civil ceremony and was divorced. I was wondering if I am allowed to get married to someone else in the Catholic Church since my first marriage was not in the Church?

    I’d appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />[/quote:281wt66p]
    Outside the church marriages are Non- Sacramental, They are civil. Unless you received the church’s blessing in the Marriage.

    What you need is to see your Parish Pastor ask for a Declaration of Nullity for each prior marriage to a non-Catholic in a non-Catholic rite for which a dispensation from canonical form had not obtained prior to the marriages. ( If this dispensation had been obtained an annulment would be required, because the marriage would have been a valid Catholic Marriage.)

    These are done @ the Parish level whereas an annulment is obtained through the Parish Diocese Tribunal.

    then you’d need to attend pre-Cana course, if you haven’t been a practicing Catholic you may be required to attend RCIA.

    The Catholic can not get a dispensation to get married by a Judge, a Lawyer, a Justice of the Peace, or a Public Official nor can they get permission to be married in a home, a backyard, a field, a boat, a prison or a palace.

    To get back to the practice of the Catholic faith
    A Catholic Must:
    – Have their civil marriage convalidated (Blessed by the Catholic Church)
    – Contact priest or deacon for marriage preparation
    – Need Baptismal certificate dated within last 6 months
    – Third party signed by 2 people (Parents) confirming no prior marriages
    – Copy of their marriage license – not registration
    – Complete instruction
    – Go to confession
    – Take a profession of faith if they formally joined another faith
    – If one of the spouses is a baptized non-Catholic person, you must obtain a mixed marriage / disparity of worship dispensation ( This can be obtained for the Archdiocese Chancery Office within 3 to 4 weeks )

    God bless,

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