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Unlocking the Wisdom: A Guide to Hear the Voice of God During Lent

As we approach the commencement of Lent, we’re on the brink of entering the spiritual desert—an introspective season beckoning us to silence the clamor of distractions, allowing the voice of God to resonate more clearly.

In this time, we’re reminded of the profound assurance in the Lord’s words, “My sheep know my voice.”

To truly discern God’s voice and recognize His guidance, immersing ourselves in scripture and prayer becomes paramount. Through this, we forge an intimate familiarity with His voice, reaching a point where its resonance becomes unmistakable in the quietude of our hearts.

Pope Benedict XVI once said that Lent is like a retreat during which we can more closely listen to the voice of God.

As Lent approaches, we invite you to join us for the Pray More Lenten Retreat where we will help you do just that!

An Online Lenten Retreat Experience

The Pray More Lenten Retreat will be just like an in-person retreat that you can experience at home — anywhere, anytime.

It’s an online retreat. If you sign up, you’ll hear from four speakers, each of them giving a few video presentations that will help you be more dedicated to prayer in your everyday life this Lent — and onward. 🙂

Retreat Inclusions

The Pray More Lenten Retreat also comes with transcripts of their talks along with reflective study guides for each. The best part is, that you will be able to download the presentations so you can listen to them anywhere.

Retreat Talk Topics and Speakers

Here’s a preview list of some of the retreat talk topics and speakers for this year’s Lenten retreat:

  • Walking Through The Stations of the Cross by Karen May
  • A Reflection on Suffering by Tim Glemkowski
  • Looking to the Blessed Mother & St. Joseph this Lent by Jon Leonetti

Retreat Start

All of the materials will be released on Wednesday, February 14th, 2024 the first day of Lent. That’s just weeks away!

Lent Retreat Video Preview

Register for the Pray More Lenten Retreat

We hope they will help you to prepare to commemorate the Lord’s Passion, death, and the celebration of His Resurrection at Easter.

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