2020 Lenten Retreat!

If you want to work on your prayer life this Lent, then you should consider signing up for the Pray More Lenten Retreat!

The Pray More Lenten Retreat is a self-paced, online retreat. It’s just like an in-person retreat that you can experience at home — anywhere, anytime.

There are five speakers for this retreat, and altogether, 19 videos focused on helping people transform their prayer lives this Lent. They also share study guides for each talk and a transcript of each talk if you’d rather read through those talks instead of listening or watching them.

The speakers are Fr. Patrick Gonyeau, Emily Stimpson Chapman, Scott Powell, Ashley Stevens, and Pete Burak. 

All of the retreat talks are inspired by Scripture readings throughout this Lenten season.

You can read more about the retreat and register for it here:

All of the materials will be released on Ash Wednesday, February 26th, and will be available throughout all of Lent.

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