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[quote:zpllvauv]And New Testament writers repeatedly claim divine inspiration as did the Old.[/quote:zpllvauv]
[quote:zpllvauv]So if this is true we can definitely conclude that the Bible is the word of God.[/quote:zpllvauv]
The Qu’ran also claims divine inspiration. Just because something claims to be something is not a valid criteria. I claim to be a billionaire. Am I? No. Get my point?

[quote:zpllvauv]Jesus Himself claims that both the Old Testament and the New Testament are inspired by God.[/quote:zpllvauv]
Considering Jesus died between the years 30-33 AD and the first Gospel was written around the year 75 (similar with the letters of Paul) Jesus didn’t even have knowledge of the New Testament – it didn’t exist. The Bible as we know it didn’t really exist until the 3rd or 4th century. And yes, Jesus, as a faithful Jew, believed in and adhered to the Hebrew Scriptures (called by Christians, the Old Testament).

You’re a fool if you think the Bible is not “corrupted” by humans. Humans have been translating and copying the Bible for centuries…some words have changed, some parts of books have been added later by later editors (evidenced by looking at the known Greek manuscripts), etc. However, we still believe that it is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Likewise, Jesus is with the Church, “until the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20) protecting it from the devil (Matthew 16:18).

Only through modern technology have we been able to keep the Bible’s texts roughly the same for a few hundred years, whereas centuries ago, people changed things without license.

The Scriptures were not dropped down by God; people had a hand in them too, the same people capable of sin, lying, theft and cheating as anyone else. They are a human account of their interaction with God, inspired by (not dictated by) the Holy Spirit.