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Ron, you’ve either gone off your meds, or you are having another episode of the Sola Heebey Geebies. Either way you just confound any reasonable thought. Your twisting and contorting, and inability to come close anything close to a civil or rational reply makes me just shake my head, and turn your case over to the only ones who can help in this case, God, our Lady, and the Saints. Your predictable responses will be ignored as the rantings of a soul in crisis who is unwilling to look at the evidence, as you put yourself in the position of judge, jury and wish to execute anything that does not agree with the proof text brainwashing that ignores the texts of the Bible, (let alone historical truths about what Christians believed for 1500 years before men rebelled against Christ and His Church). For a split second it looked like you where willing to have an honest debate, but it is clear that those lucid moments are rare in your case.

Pre-empting your usual comments, I will say, No Ronnie boy, you are not just thinking of our souls, or trying to share the message of Christ here or elsewhere. It is clear to anyone who reviews your pathetic attacks that you have two problems, the first is you have a bone to pick with the Catholic Church, it has caused such a deep seated problem that you are easily manipulated by other professional anti-Catholics and usurp their writtings as your own, incorporating their work into yours (without crediting your faulty sources). This is either because you know they are poor sources in the first place, or as evident by your tantrums here, you simply wish to be the only one who knows anything. I’m truly sorry that you where not given the attention you crave when you where younger, and that nobody listens to you now. Insulting comments, and antisocial behavior however is not the way to accomplish your goals. Longterm therapy may help. Prayer, will help. Your not being called on your tirades will not help. Learning to be civil in order to give your arguments a little credibility, along with honest research and sources will. By your frequent outbursts and contradicitons, you only exibit a pathetic clinical picture. Be assured that there are many here, (and I’m sure elsewhere) who have lifted their voices in prayer, and asked the Angels and Saints to join with them to ask God that you receive the peace that this world cannot grant, but that only He can. I’ll also pray that I can resist responding to your wild accusations, answered time and time again, and your insults and taunts directed at believers of Christ’s Church, Militant, Suffering and Triumphant, and by doing so, as St. Paul when still Saul, attacking Christ Jesus Himself.

Read: Hahn, Armstrong, Madrid, (Ronald) Knox, (Msgr) Hughes and Keating and others (before you discount and attack them) who used to believe in false self made religions as you do, and reply to them, I’m not going to waste time with someone like yourself who is so invested in being correct that he ignores what the scriptures really say in preference to his own fictional theology. I’ll do as I have promised, and reply to your poorly researched and mean spiritied attacks with prayers for the conversion of your soul to the Historical Jesus, rather than the creation of 16th Century Protestant Revolutionaries.