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What is discusting about the Book?
I began to look at it and it is filled with the same garbage as other pro-catholic material – and lies!

I looked at the venial/mortal sin defense part and his pathetic reasoning of how some sins (seemingly) God will overlook, how God doesn’t necessarally have anyone in Hell, and the twisting of Scriptures to give everyone that “Feel-good” attitude……

The pathetic part is that many people won’t even consider that they’re being mislead.

Now as for this:[quote:6ddep8s9]
and then submitted to the Graces God freely gives us and opened his heart to the Christ Jesus of history, and reality and entered His Church? [/quote:6ddep8s9]

Its obvious that you are in grave error since you don’t have a clue to what you are talking about, especially when you say they joined His Church – that Church is not the Catholic Church.