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I relate this story not because I feel worthy of being lumped with these two great minds and souls, as they devoted their all to Christ Jesus, and I a poor sinner focus more on my own pleasures in life, (and those of my little gray dogs.) than I should.

St. Thomas Aquinas visit to St. Bonaventure (Both great Doctors of the Church) went something like this. St. Thomas a great Scholar having studied at the great University of Paris, under St. Albert the Great. St. Thomas also had access to some of the greatest libraries of the day. St. Thomas asked to see the library of St. Bonaventure so he too could learn all the wonderful things he had read in Bonaventures works. St. Bonaventure pulled aside a curtain where there was a kneeler and a crucifix. Pointing to the image of Christ Crucified he said, “This is the only book I need.” St. Thomas, one of the greatest minds and souls in history was humbled at the simplicity of St. Bonaventure and his library.

May we for all our books and learning remember that Christ and Him Crucified is what all our learning and discussion of the Faith comes down to. Without Him, all our learning, faith and works are simple human folly, untied to Him they are elevated to benefit our souls.

[i:3oa10117][b:3oa10117]Let me add one other plug[/b:3oa10117][/i:3oa10117], “Sacristy Raids” I beg from Parishes that are remodelling or have excess surplus in the sacritsy. I take everything I can carry, from vestments, chalices, ciboriae, even candlesticks and old altars to Missions in Mexico and the Southwest USA (Indian Reservations and poor parishes) This week I am going to pick up an old baptisimal font from a Parish that is installing the new pool style immersion font. So if anyone knows of a sacristy that needs a spring cleaning, either contact me, or contact a poor parish or mission that could use the items and get the old stuff back into use. Old Missals and other liturgical books, I either make a donation to the missions, or sell if I have copies already and donate the money directly.