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Jon, you asked for

[quote:rj72za72]Honest answers and opinions please[/quote:rj72za72]

So with that in mind, I ask you this question –

Isn’t the whole point of our existance to serve the one
true living God? I mean just to be a good Catholic and to get
along with others, and yet loose your soul seems to defeat the
whole purpose for our even being here, doesn’t it?

Mr. Weathers
don’t t you realize that you are saying two different points?
First you tell us to:

[quote:rj72za72]I would say just follow the 10 commanents to the best of ones ability,and as the old saying “do unto others what you want them to do to you”.goto mass every week,goto confession frequently, [/quote:rj72za72]

and then you 2ndly suggest

[quote:rj72za72]just live life for God.[/quote:rj72za72]

If one lives for Christ, they’d have to deny the first attempt, so which is the right way to gain salvation?

(This iis not meant as a joke, but as truthfully as possible)