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Sorry, y’all, I was incommunicado for a few days.

You may not think they have nothing to be upset about but you would be wrong in your assesment.[/quote:34zs4d0j]

Okay, what are they upset about? I honestly don’t know, except that they’re demanding government cheese from a government other than their own.

[quote:34zs4d0j]Whether you find their emotions justified or not is irrelavent to the fact they are and calling them lawbreakers and a laundry list of other things is not going to help the situation.[/quote:34zs4d0j]

The ones who are here illegaly are, by definition, lawbreakers. Pretending they’re not isn’t going to make anything better. That’s a description, not a name. I didn’t call them any names or falsely accuse them of anything. Their walkout [i:34zs4d0j]was[/i:34zs4d0j] an attempt to shut down the country; that’s what they said it was.

[quote:34zs4d0j]Do you want to fix the situation or do you just want to kick them out?

I hope you see the difference.[/quote:34zs4d0j]

Kicking out the lawbreakers is definitely part of the solution. Granting amnesty again for everyone who’s broken the law will, once again, encourage more of it. That’s why we’re in this mess.

Again, I’m not saying we don’t need and/or want immigrants in this country. But it is imperative for a multitude of reasons that we get control of the border. A debate on immigration is a completely different question from a debate on [i:34zs4d0j]illegal[/i:34zs4d0j] immegration.

I’m going to stray from this topic for a bit, but more towards the direction of the site as a whole: this is one of the things that would make me nervous about Catholicism. If a higher-up (or, come to think of it, anybody) in the Church says something goofy, like the Cardinal comparing US border security to the Berlin Wall in the original post by weather, am I allowed to think, say, or act as though it’s goofy, or do I have to go along with it? What if it’s the Pope?