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[quote:25koby9h]Personally, the fact that Muslims around the world are angry and showing it by fire-bombing churches and whatnot goes to show how true that statement really is.

http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/europe/09 … index.html

Read any reliable history of Islam and you will see that it was, [i:25koby9h]in fact[/i:25koby9h], spread by the sword. Mohammed led much conquest and many battles in his day.[/quote:25koby9h]

[color=darkblue:25koby9h]True, but only pointing it out to them is going to inflame them. I’m no expert, but I have dealt with some pretty violent people (some are family) and not once did pointing out to them their past actions/flaws did they take it lightly. It usually got them mad.

On other side, it clear to me that B16 had no intention to critique Islam. As Jimmy said,
[i:25koby9h]one who portrays the religion as intolerant thereby encourages violence against members of that religion[/i:25koby9h]

That is what was intended.[/color:25koby9h]