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A Fair Deal for Both Muslims and Pope Benedict!

Friday , September 15, 2006

By John Gibson

The Muslims are mad again.

This time it’s Pope Benedict, who quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor who was engaged in a debate with a Muslim scholar.

The emperor, quoted by our modern-day pope, asked his Muslim friend, “Show me what Mohammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman.”

Sounds bad, right?

But the sentence went on.

“For instance,” said the ancient emperor so long ago, “such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

Muslim leaders around the world reacted with anger, even fury.

Muslim leaders demanded an apology from Benedict and the Vatican has reacted quickly trying to sooth hurt feelings.

People want Pope Benedict to take it back.

Ok, I’ll go along with that but I think those of us who are still suffering from the jihad movement should be able to demand something in return:

The pope and the rest of us will take back the insult, which is that the prophet brought things evil and inhuman, if Muslims will renounce the rest of the statement. That is, the true fact that Islam approves of spreading the faith by the sword.

That in a nutshell if jihad. That in a phrase is exactly what brought us 9/11 and Abu Musab al- Zarqawi and Khalid Sheikh Muhammad and the rest of the sorry bunch.

Now, I know moderate Muslims say jihad is not killing people for religion. But let’s face facts some Muslims do believe that.

It seems like a fair deal to me. Islam renounces jihad against infidels those who believe other than Muslims and those who believe different than Muslims will renounce any statements Muslims find offensive.

It’s not even a straight-up trade. On this side of the religious divide, the insults will end. And on that side of the religious divide they will disavow killing us.

How about that deal?

That’s My Word.

Source Fox News