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Peace be with all!

[quote:2vhhbna0]I found that site really worth while checking out. I think you’re all missing a major issue; that many are insulted and even offended at the RC handling of that particular scientific embarkment.[/quote:2vhhbna0]

So speaking truth is offensive. True Christ did say it would be and that we would be hated by the world for it.

Truth can be offensive, does that mean we sugar coat it or dumb it down so not to offend? Yet they, on the board, can be offensive and you fail to recognize thier insulting tone. I find this curious. I ask you to take a look at the tone of there response, prior to my posting. I am not saying an [i:2vhhbna0]”eye for an eye”[/i:2vhhbna0], but be firm in you reply and your faith. One must correct the insult in a loving way, but firmly. You have slanted this topic so as to provoke a arguement by not present all of the fact.

[quote:2vhhbna0]Should we just call these people ignorant? Clearly they most of them are not ignorant. They lack faith but that does not make them ignorant, or worth any less value than you or I. [/quote:2vhhbna0]

Obviously you missed my link to the definition to the word ignorant. You use common usage that is not of the correct definition. Ignorant was not used to insult anyone. I used the word by it’s correct definition, a[i:2vhhbna0][b:2vhhbna0] lack of knowledge in a particular are or subject.[/b:2vhhbna0][/i:2vhhbna0] Obviously, by their own words, they are ignorant of the Faith. Proper and effective communications, use of words correctly and by correct definitions definition, in proper context, is lost in our society and lead to misunderstandings. We [i:2vhhbna0][b:2vhhbna0]all[/b:2vhhbna0][/i:2vhhbna0] need to be vigilant in this matter. For communication is the only way we can understand each other. So me must do so effectively.

[quote:2vhhbna0]Now, as a RC how are you prepared to handle comments like those found on that site? Slander? I hope there are better responses out there.[/quote:2vhhbna0]

Slander is defined as:

words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another aspersion
an abusive attack on a person’s character or good name
defame: charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone; “The journalists have defamed me!” “The article in the paper sullied my reputation”

This definition is from Princeton’s website. I fail to see where an of my response was slanderous. In fact, I do see it being offensive, but it is also truthful.

Gesundheit, nothing and no one is perfect. People are flawed, but the truth is the truth and it will offend. The only thing we can do is present the truth as best as possible and pray that understanding will occur.

If you were to reflect on what I wrote in the context of what they wrote, you will see there is no intent to be offessive in my response, nor do I attack them on grounds of a lack of Faith,. BTW, I like how you added this interpritation to you argument, as I never made mention of a lack of Faith. . In fact I encourage them to educate themselves and provide links to help them. Further, invited them here to open discuss, and hopefully, learn.

God Bless!