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[quote:2ceh3h5d]Sacred Tradition, I thought, was not meant to be used to interpret Scripture[/quote:2ceh3h5d]
Quite the opposite. Scripture is Sacred Tradition that has been written down, particularly concerning the New Testament. As the teachings of Scripture are culled from Tradition, Tradition is definitely meant to interpret Scripture.

[quote:2ceh3h5d]Rather Scripture gives rise to Sacred Tradition through the councils and creeds of our early fathers[/quote:2ceh3h5d]
Sacred Tradition stems from the direct teachings of Christ and His Apostles. Councils and Creeds recognize and proclaim the Tradition we have received but they do not give rise to it. They have elucidated upon our understanding of Tradition though, such as the more complete formulation of the Doctrine of the Trinity at Nicaea.

[quote:2ceh3h5d]If Sacred Tradition is a lense with which we must read Scripture then it only works if the lense itself is infallable, otherwise reading into the text through any form is up for criticism[/quote:2ceh3h5d]
True. And Sacred Tradition, owing to its divine source and the protection of the Holy Spirit in its transmission, is infallible. It is this protection that renders the decisions of the Councils infallible in recognizing and proclaiming Tradition.

[quote:2ceh3h5d]Oh, I’m not sure the Solomon quote relates to purgatory[/quote:2ceh3h5d]
Only isofar as it shows that “one will be presented to the Judge exactly as he was when he departed this life.” It is part of the premise from which the necessity/existence of purgatory is then argued.

Also, I forgot to cite the author of my quotation was Pope St. Gregory the Great. The work (Dialogues IV: 41) is correct.

[quote:2ceh3h5d]Who is Tim Staples?[/quote:2ceh3h5d]
A Catholic apologist and convert from the Church of Christ (I believe). He used to write a column called Nuts & Bolts for Envoy Magazine (I believe).