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[quote:ukv1als3]I would like to ask if anyone of you knows what is the Church’s teaching or some sound catholic theologians’ opinions on ¬´why does God, being good and merciful, allows suffering in the world?¬ª [/quote:ukv1als3]

The Catechism has a great deal to say on this subject. But a very easy and useful too, I have found, is to first read Trusful Surrender to Divine Providence (The Secret of Peace and Happiness)[/url:ukv1als3] by Father Jean Baptiste Saint Jure, S.J. an Saint Cluade de la Colombiere, S.J. And offer to give whom ever you are speaking with a copy, it’s an inexpressive book.

This book was recommended to me by my Spiritual Adviser and has done wonders for me and my family! I strongly recommend this book to all who wish to know about God’s Divine Providence and how to trust in it.

God Bless!