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[quote:1rzuiwlk]In the Greek James 2:26 is not “soul” but “spirit” (“pneumatos” meaning Spirit, or spirit). This is very different.

In Biblical Hebrew soul is nephesh which is best translated into English as “life” or “vital breath”. Based on the Hebrew Bible it seems that the soul is alive when the child breaths. Thus Rabbinic Judiasm finds their conclusions differently than the Catholic Church. [/quote:1rzuiwlk]
[color=darkblue:1rzuiwlk]Rabbinic Judiasm also denies Christ as Moshiash. Why should anything they say bare any weight in regards to doctrinal issues. Certainly we use their culture and ways as a way to understand early times but considering they are still bickering even amongst themselves I don’t know why I should consider their view on the matter. [/color:1rzuiwlk]
[quote:1rzuiwlk]Natural law is dictated by humankind. Jewish law was given by God to Israel. Chrisitans have much to learn and still use from Jewish law even though we are not under the Law. [/quote:1rzuiwlk]
[color=darkblue:1rzuiwlk]As I said, we certainly do use much of Jewish philosophy. After all, we are the extended family of God now.[/color:1rzuiwlk]
[quote:1rzuiwlk]Paul said that the Law revealed sin. This does not have anything to do with abortion though of course, but the Law is not invalid. Christ fulfilled the Law, not abolished it. [/quote:1rzuiwlk]
[color=darkblue:1rzuiwlk]Really? Which parts do you follow?[/color:1rzuiwlk]
[quote:1rzuiwlk]The objections raised using Christ and John the Baptist in the womb could possibly be anthromorophisms or expressions to clue the reader into JEsus’ apprehension by the Holy Spirit. God can know anything before birth, of course God know Jeremiah before he was born, but does that prove something?[/quote:1rzuiwlk]
[color=darkblue:1rzuiwlk]I doubt it. Anthromorphisms are used to grasp concepts we couldn’t possibly in our limitations (like the Trinity). An infant kicking inside a mother is very real.[/color:1rzuiwlk]